Truck Reversing Safer with MAX-SAFE

Truck reversing is one of the most difficult aspects of driving a heavy vehicle due to the blind spots involved and the manoeuvrability requirements. SGESCO-MAX’s new generation of safety solutions –MAX-SAFE Vision and MAX-SAFE Reverse Watch 2.0 – make reversing a heavy vehicle much safer and easier, protecting people, property and your truck – likely saving you thousands.

Truck Reversing is high risk

Did you know that nearly 60% of commercial vehicle accident damage is reversing related, occurring during collection and delivery (52%), on site (29%), during transit (15%) and at the company depot (4%)?(1)

And, statistically, around 25% of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur during reversing. (2) The cost of such damage and costs to a business can be significant.

Across the transport and logistics industry these risks are being amplified due to an aging and retiring workforce, resulting in a shortage of skilled drivers and the introduction of HV Driving Apprenticeships.

It is widely recognised that the most effective way to reduce reversing accidents is to have one-way systems, thereby removing the need to reverse – however in many situations this is just not possible.

Two other key safety recommendations are to:

  1. Increase driver’s ability to see vulnerable road users
  2. Install equipment on vehicles to help the driver and pedestrians be safer, e.g, reversing alarms, flashing beacons and proximity sensing devices.

According to SGESCO-MAX Managing Director, Scott McPherson, Auto & General investigations have found that poor visibility and miscalculating of distances are major contributing factors to reversing mishaps.

As an Australasian leader in heavy vehicle safety systems, SGESCO-MAX offers unmatched solutions, through their MAX-SAFE range, to trucking companies to adopt these two critical recommendations. Using new sensor, camera and AI based technologies, these solutions are more accurate, more affordable and more adaptable than ever before.

Truck Reversing becomes safe with MAX-SAFE

The following solutions make it safer to reverse commercial vehicles:

Increase drivers’ ability to see

Our new camera-based Vision range, namely the MAX-SAFE 360° View System enable drivers to see all around the sides of their vehicles.

This solution comprises a minimum of four x 360° cameras positioned on the top of the four sides of a heavy vehicle which capture a live, 180° view of each side of vehicle.

Software blends the images together to provide a real-time, 360° bird’s-eye view of the truck’s surroundings on a single screen inside the cabin.

By displaying hitherto unseen workers, pedestrians and objects around the vehicle, the system removes blind spots, thus increasing safety.

Drivers can quickly identify the position of their vehicle, nearby property and available space, enabling them to reverse or drive forward with confidence.

Install equipment to improve safety

The MAX-SAFE Reverse Watch® system 2.0 is reversing radar sensor technology that “sees” and “responds” to safety risks at the rear of a reversing truck.

An advanced 77Ghz radar unit is mounted on the rear of the truck, with a “danger zone” programmed to scan within the desired range. This zone can cover up to 6 metres behind the vehicle and 10 metres across. The radar connects to an in-cabin LCD screen that provides specific controls and gives drivers full confidence that they can see what’s at the rear of their vehicle.

It can be set up to work with MAX-SAFE Anti-Rollaway Braking system (an optional safety solution) that will automatically brake a truck if anything enters a pre-determined zone.

The solution has fast scanning speed and advanced collision detection capability, calculating the speed of approaching objects which can trigger braking before being in the “red danger zone”.

Safeguarding productivity, people and property

The MAX-SAFE Reverse Watch® system 2.0 is a superior reversing safety solution widely used in the waste management sector.

“When it comes to truck reversing, it has saved – and will save – lives and prevent accidents,” said Scott.

 “Removing blinds spots from the rear of reversing vehicles is one of the priority safety measures for heavy vehicle operators and trucking companies. Our reversing solutions see what drivers can’t and are eminently more accurate than scanning rear or side mirrors or sticking one’s head out the window.”

Scott added that more and more companies were seeing it as a critical safety system. “It delivers operational vehicles and fleet capacity by reducing the incidence of vehicle downtime, insurance claims, personal injury, or death.”

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