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Buses need room to keep people safe

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is shining the light on bus safety as part of their ongoing We All Need Space campaign to educate road users around how to share the road safely with heavy vehicles.

First launched in 2019, the new bus phase of the public education campaign highlights:

  • the challenges bus drivers face with respect to passengers and Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs)
  • the impact of blind spots on safety – a risk factor with all heavy vehicles
  • how people – other drivers and VRUs – can be safer around buses, and
  • the law around when a bus is merging.

As the campaign notes, buses carry the most precious cargo of all: family, friends and loved ones.

SGESCO-MAX applauds the NHVR on this campaign as public education is an important measure to improving bus safety. Other measures include

  1. driver training
  2. bus safety systems like those provided by SGESCO-MAX
  3. and dedicated busways – an expensive undertaking for many councils.

The fact that bus safety is contingent on several elements and people, underscores our shared responsibility in doing what we can to reduce bus accidents, said Managing Director of SGESCO-MAX, Scott McPherson.

At SGESCO-MAX we provide solutions to make buses safer for passengers inside a bus and when exiting, which enables bus drivers to be more focused on driving safely. Plus, we provide solutions to address blind spots around buses, making it safer for VRUs and other vehicles travelling near buses.

These solutions are suitable for commercial coaches, school buses, smaller operators and other providers providing worksite transfers. Our range includes:

  1. Occupant Safety via our MAX-SAFE Seatbelt Warning System
  2. Anti-Rollaway via our MAX-SAFE Anti-Rollaway System
  3. Blindspot Monitoring via a range of sensor and camera solutions, including:
    1. MAX-SAFE Reverse Watch
    2. MAX-SAFE Side View Pedestrian Protection
    3. MAX-SAFE 360’ View

According to Scott, with millions of Australians catching buses each day, bus transport was vital to our economy and communities, as is the safety of passengers and VRUs around buses.

“Alongside buses needing space to keep people safe, a holistic approach to safety is needed – one that combines education, personal responsibility, infrastructure, and smart safety solutions that address serious and known risk factors.

“SGESCO-MAX will continue to work with the bus industry to advance safety outcomes,” he said.

May 10th, 2024 | News | Comments Off