Anti-Rollaway solution in NZ

Connetics improves safety across its HV fleet with MAX-SAFE.

After a month-long trial involving three heavy vehicles, Christchurch-based Connetics has become one of the first companies in New Zealand to implement the MAX-SAFE Anti-Rollaway safety solution.

Connetics is responsible for designing, constructing and maintaining overhead and underground lines used for utility and infrastructure services. The company operates out of depots in Wellington, Christchurch and Central Otago.

Their fleet of 280 vehicles includes a number of heavy vehicles — crane trucks, bucket trucks and tippers — many of which can be called upon 24 hours a day. The new safety solution will be automatically included in any new heavy vehicle purchases and progressively retro-fitted to the existing fleet, covering around 85 vehicles overall.

In implementing the MAX-SAFE Maximum Safety Anti-Rollaway solution, Connetics Fleet Manager, Wayne Muiznieks, said their organisation wanted to improve safety across their fleet by taking a greater and more pro-active approach to safety.

In New Zealand the MAX-SAFE Maximum Safety range is sold through Autokraft Electrical and Diesel, SGESCO-MAX’s distributor based in Palmerston North. The company is also managing installation and training.

The MAX-SAFE Maximum Safety Anti-Rollaway Brake System™ provides an active safety solution in the event that the park brake is not fully applied before leaving the vehicle. It provides protection for the driver, occupants, bystanders and workers – as well as preventing damage to the vehicle and surrounding property.

It’s one of a number of heavy vehicle safety solutions developed by SGESCO-MAX. Thousands of vehicles across Australia have been using the MAX-SAFE Anti-Rollaway Brake System for close to two decades.

NZ Trucking Feature Article

Further details on the trial and implementation can be found in the following NZ Trucking Feature. (Click on image to launch a larger PDF.)


NZ Utility company Connetics will be implement the Max-safe Anti-Rollaway solution in NZ.


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