Autokraft is an auto-electrical business based in Palmerstone North (North Island) in New Zealand and is owned by Gary Puklowski. In 2008, Gary had a stint working for SGESCO-MAX in Australia before eventually moving back to New Zealand and purchasing Autokraft. He thought the SGESCO-MAX range of products were very good quality and highly innovative, and also thought they would provide him with a niche opportunity in the NZ auto electrical market. He started importing the products for his clients, and is now a licensed distributor in New Zealand. He says it’s a seamless system to bring the products in, integrate them into vehicles and for Autokraft to be available here, on the ground, for maintenance.

There is a big need for the MAX-SAFE products in New Zealand. You only hear about a roll away when there is a crash, but the number is far greater than what is reported. Recently there was a tour bus in Auckland that rolled away and ran over a mum and a baby. Both survived luckily, but if the bus had the MAX-SAFE device fitted this accident never would have occurred.

Gary Puklowski, Managing Director, Autokraft Electrical & Diesel Ltd


Gary said he recently did a tour of the North Island with SGESCO-MAX to talk about the products. They saw key clients who were all extremely interested, with every single client citing that they had roll-away incidents. Gary said this was an eye-opener for him, as the problem was bigger than he thought. Essentially, every single organisation with vehicles and drivers had experienced a roll-away incident, and none of them had a braking safety device installed.


Gary said many of the companies in New Zealand have had the belief that they ‘don’t need anti-rollaway devices’ up until now. Clients within large infrastructure companies, roading works companies, companies that us concrete trucks, and more, all need this device. Its ease of use and success speaks for itself. The device provides an incredibly complex, yet simple, operation; it’s the simple activation of the driver exiting the vehicle/lifting themselves off their seat – for it to become instantly effective, and save lives.


Gary is currently trialling a MAX-SAFE product in a Higgins Contracting Isuzu truck, belonging to a large infrastructure organisation), and it is very successful. Where no news is good news, the company is very happy. Hino Distributors have now commenced buying the MAX-SAFE kit to be installed in their vehicles pre-market sale as well. Autokraft believes there are many industries in New Zealand that need the Anti-Rollaway system installed in their vehicles, including the concreting industry, and industries that use delivery vehicles or tour buses. All have their drivers leaving the vehicle regularly for various needs, and this type of device would mitigate any driver risk, and ensure the safety of passengers and surrounding people or property.